Monday, 13 April 2020

Driveway Replacement is not like a normal work

A beautiful concrete driveway without cracks is not only functional, but also gives a beautiful look to your facade while ensuring your safety, that of your family and that of your neighbors. On the other hand, concrete is a practical option, whether to create, replace or repair an aisle. Asphalt is also commonly used in the construction or replacement of driveways. With its black surface similar to the road, it gives a certain homogeneity to your driveway to the door of your garage. Concrete and asphalt are both installed on a gravel bed and are made of cement, sand and gravel. Their main difference lies in the fact that the asphalt contains bitumen acting as a binder (it is the thick, sticky petroleum-based product that gives the asphalt its black color).

Driveway repair Brooklyn

The installation of a concrete driveway generally takes about a week, but this time may vary depending on the layout of the driveway, weather conditions, etc. If this is a replacement for your old driveway, for example, you will first need to demolish and evacuate the old driveway using a mechanical shovel.