Monday, 13 April 2020

Driveway Replacement is not like a normal work

A beautiful concrete driveway without cracks is not only functional, but also gives a beautiful look to your facade while ensuring your safety, that of your family and that of your neighbors. On the other hand, concrete is a practical option, whether to create, replace or repair an aisle. Asphalt is also commonly used in the construction or replacement of driveways. With its black surface similar to the road, it gives a certain homogeneity to your driveway to the door of your garage. Concrete and asphalt are both installed on a gravel bed and are made of cement, sand and gravel. Their main difference lies in the fact that the asphalt contains bitumen acting as a binder (it is the thick, sticky petroleum-based product that gives the asphalt its black color).

Driveway repair Brooklyn

The installation of a concrete driveway generally takes about a week, but this time may vary depending on the layout of the driveway, weather conditions, etc. If this is a replacement for your old driveway, for example, you will first need to demolish and evacuate the old driveway using a mechanical shovel.

If, on the other hand, you create a new concrete driveway, remove the grass, plants and bushes that are there. Driveway ReplacementBronx will determine whether the ground is firm enough to support the driveway or whether to replace it with a compacted backfill (bottom form) for more stability. After this preparatory work, the professional will then spread the gravel bed evenly over the entire area where the aisle will be. It may install a wire mesh (welded mesh) to strengthen and sustainably consolidate the concrete infrastructure. Depending on the surface of the aisle, your professional can create expansion joints by inserting specific profiles or felt between each section of your aisle. These joints can also be created using a trowel or cut on the surface with a diamond blade after the concrete has dried.

If you hire Driveway Replacement Bronx for finishing, the workers will proceed as follows: installation of expansion joints, installation of a surface color or an integral color, leveling, smoothing and finishing of concrete, cleaning and application of '' a seal. The presence of a finishing team should not affect the price of installing your driveway.
Regular maintenance will reduce repair costs and increase the life of your driveway. Professionals advise to clean at high pressure and apply a new layer of waterproofing every year. This seal will prevent the formation of small cracks, protect the concrete from weather conditions and reduce (without completely eliminating) the effects of chemicals that leak from your vehicle, such as de-icing agents.

Generally speaking, it is difficult to prevent concrete from cracking, especially in regions subject to extreme temperatures. You can repair certain cracks with special materials composed of rubber or synthetic formulas. If your concrete driveway has many cracks and is curled, you can replace the damaged areas.
If you live in a region with a rather cold climate, you can integrate heating resistors in your driveway to melt snow and ice. Finally, most of these finishes then require the application of a sealing layer

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