Thursday, 14 May 2020

Who is responsible for sidewalk repairs in NYC

Do you know that the sidewalk repair New York City laws state that the repair or maintenance for sidewalk directly adjacent to a property is the responsibility of the property owners? The department of transportation (DOT) NYC inspects different sidewalks throughout the city for damages and required repairs to ensure the safety of people. If they found any sidewalk needed repairs, then the property owner will be issued a violation.

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If you are issued a violation, then you are given 75 days time to make the important repairs. If the repair has not been done on time, the DOT can either fix the damage or employ a professional contractor The cost for the repair work will soon be billed to the property owner by the department of finance as the property owner.

Some special conditions eligible for DOT's sidewalk repair program NYC

•    Damages due to growing tree roots

If your sidewalks damage is result of growing tree roots, the property could be eligible for the department of parks and recreation (DPR's) program for trees and sidewalk. DPR also provide no cost consultation servicesif you are working around tree roots. Keep in mind that to cut tree roots that are considered city owned is not permitted. Also, repair for the sidewalk that are marked tree damaged are not charged for repair costs.

•    Sidewalk repairs using some special materials

If your sidewalk is made of non concrete materials like brick, granite or slate and if you would like to use the same material, then DOT will only repair using concrete materials. So, you need to contact to private contractors for the repair work at your own expense.

In case you decide to make arrangements with private contractors and want to use non concrete materials. In this case, you need to obtain a permit from the landmarks preservation commission.

Hiring a contractor:

As a property owner, you can hire a contractor like Sidewalk concrete contractors NY to help you repair the sidewalk in front of your property. This is because the DOT does not repair sidewalks near a private property ownership. Make sure you hire a professional contractor who is familiar with regulations of DOT. The contractor that your hire for this job must be licensed as well.

New York City laws needs all property owners to construct, repave, install, reconstruct and repair sidewalks adjacent to their property with their own money. Also, the department of transportation will inspect pedestrian walkways in the entire city to ensure that they completely save. If they found any walkway detective, then they will issue the property owner a sidewalk violation notice.

Remember when DOT carried out repairs and you are not satisfied in terms of amount of work done or quality of work, or in case there is a discrepancy in the bill- You can make an appeal to the department of design and construction. Sidewalks repair maintenance are not only handled by DOT alone. But it's a joint responsibility of the people as well as the government. It mostly relies on the home or property owners particularly on sidewalks fronting their property.

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